Monthly Archives: August 2014

Mother’s Day: a day especially for mother

Rumbling in the kitchen and half an hour later you hear thumping on the stairs. The door opens and you come with a little breakfast in bed to. Then you get a homemade gift, or you must have your home by all kinds notes hidden anywhere to search you. Present themselves Yes, it’s mother’s day, cozy. When is […]

A good and healthy skin makes you beautiful

A good and healthy skin is not only attractive, but the skin is also a very accurate indicator of your inner health. Do you feel good then you automatically looks better. Do you look good, then you will feel good too. Simple enough. Please note that the main cause of skin aging and the factors […]

Does a tattoo hurt?

Many people are considering to put a tattoo, but they are afraid of the pain. Does it have a tattoo pain, or is this it? Obviously this will be different per person. There are some factors you can consider. Tattoos Tattoos are decorations on your body. A needle is put ink into your skin, making […]