A good and healthy skin makes you beautiful

A good and healthy skin is not only attractive, but the skin is also a very accurate indicator of your inner health. Do you feel good then you automatically looks better. Do you look good, then you will feel good too. Simple enough. Please note that the main cause of skin aging and the factors that cause an unhealthy skin. ‘m Also careful with lying in the sun.

The type of skin you have is genetic as well as your gender. Yet the health of your skin depends strongly on the skin and lifestyle. So will a lot of stress, smoking, worries, pollution and sunlight are not conducive to your skin. It makes for an accelerated aging of the skin. How nervous person by nature, the more likely he or she has certain skin conditions.

Structure of healthy skin
beatifulThe skin is a complex dynamic structure that constantly renews itself. It consists of several layers:

The epidermis. This is the water-resistant outer layer of skin. Here reside the sebaceous pores and pigment cells and
The dermis. This is the inner, sensitive skin layer with hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands, nerve cells, blood vessels, and so on. Here, the elastic fibers are also in favor of the flexibility of the skin.

Between the epidermis and dermis is an intermediate layer with parent cells which are responsible for cell division and cell proliferation. Because your DNA from your genetic blueprint is recorded, the new skin will be a copy of the previous one. This new skin works itself from the inside to the top. A process of roughly 28 days. In the case of diseases or disorders this process will be faster or sometimes much slower. By sunbathing, the epidermis thickens and thus less elastic. The thickness of the epidermis can be four times as thick as a normal by sunlight. Once cells are damaged by radiation, they will usually reproduce damaged cells, with all the negative consequences.

Beautiful skin is genetically determined by the DNA

It seems incredible, but the number of blood vessels, the concentration of sebaceous glands, rudeness and elasticity are determined in the nine months of pregnancy. The aging process can only partly influenced by your lifestyle and care. A good skin care starts at an early age. And I am not too much sunlight, smoking enough sleep, too much alcohol, eat sensibly and exercise. A good cream is of course excellent, but can not compete with what you inherited genetically and during your life does to your body. Even if the commercialism like to do all of us believe otherwise. And you saying yourself, if you are healthy and beautiful looks make you feel much better anyway?

Some tips against aging and unhealthy skin

Some tips have been called to give:

  • Watch your weight. In this case that means not too much to lose weight because the natural fat in the body fills wrinkles.
  • Do not stay too much in bright sunlight. It’s really bad for the skin. Protect natural skin always good.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking and smoking are bad for the skin.
  • Be careful with medications. Some medications, including antidepressants, appear to have on the skin. Poor effect

Finally a good and healthy skin

Of course many genetic, but proper care and preventing exposure to too much stress and an unhealthy life, ensure that you remain radiant look. And that’s still the best.