Does a tattoo hurt?

Many people are considering to put a tattoo, but they are afraid of the pain. Does it have a tattoo pain, or is this it? Obviously this will be different per person. There are some factors you can consider.


1Tattoos are decorations on your body. A needle is put ink into your skin, making you stand. Permanent image or text on your body Decals are for many reasons put, for example because it has a certain meaning, or because your tattoo’s doing once you find a lot of fun. There are many people who are considering a tattoo and they are especially afraid of pain.

Does a tattoo hurt?

A tattoo is put with a needle and the best answer to the question of whether it hurts is: yes. Nevertheless, it is the pain of a tattoo depends on several factors. Maybe you have ever asked someone or hurt and you got the answer: “I felt there much of that.” That may sound implausible, but can indeed be the case. This may have to do with the adrenaline and the place where you let a tattoo put. Is also your own institution of great importance.

How does it actually work?

How does it actually do if you let a tattoo? The pain can be compared to a graze. An advantage while putting is that you often only really what feels at the moment the tattoo is placed. When the needle goes into your skin, the pain immediately a lot less. The tattoo artist can also just stop when you think it is too painful.


In most people who have a tattoo put, there comes adrenaline. If someone says that he especially got a kick when he had put the tattoo and almost no pain felt, this may have to do with the adrenaline. Adrenaline may indeed be another cause why people are addicted to tattooing.

Location of tattoo

How much it hurts to get a tattoo to put depends on where you put it late. For example, it may be more painful when there are bone or muscle level are located under the skin. There are certain places more accustomed. Your upper arms can for example take a beating and this will be less painful, while the inside of your upper arms are much less used and therefore it can be much more sensitive. Some places are known as painful:

  • Feet (and especially the toes and instep)
  • Ribs
  • Back (especially where the vertebrae in place)
  • Elbows
  • At or on the nipple
  • Groins

Scars and tattoos

When you let a tattoo over a scar put this can be extra painful. This, however, does not have to be the case. Indeed, there are also people who just barely feel the scar tissue that while placing a tattoo. Look especially in advance how the skin is normally. Is the scar anyway a sensitive place, it may be that you suffer from a lot can have during a tattoo.

How long will it continue?

When you let a tattoo set, you will notice that in the beginning all is not too bad with the pain. However, everyone has a certain point where it becomes painful. After several hours of pulling your body is probably a lot less. For this reason many decals not be placed at once.

Own pain threshold

Of course, your own pain threshold of great importance when you let a tattoo put. The higher your own pain threshold, the easier it will be for you. Please also note that the way pain can also partially down. Between your ears If you make your beforehand pressure to the pain, or if you are afraid of needles, the pain can be experienced. As more violent


Depending on the location of your tattoo, you might experience after during the healing process still hurt. After all, you do a wound on your body and you can feel it. It is especially noticeable when you put in a place where regular moves the skin. Tattoo When the tattoo well looked after, the pain will soon be a lot less. After a few days to a week will peel the skin and this can be very itchy. That is something to be reckoned with.

Afraid of the pain

Are you afraid of the pain, but really want to have a tattoo? Remember well that the pain is only temporary. Tell the tattoo artist beforehand about your fears and then he or she can also take this into account when putting.