Mother’s Day: a day especially for mother

Rumbling in the kitchen and half an hour later you hear thumping on the stairs. The door opens and you come with a little breakfast in bed to. Then you get a homemade gift, or you must have your home by all kinds notes hidden anywhere to search you. Present themselves Yes, it’s mother’s day, cozy.

When is Mother’s Day?

momMother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Among other Mother’s Day in the Netherlands, Belgium, America, France and many other countries celebrated. There are different dates for mothers in different countries, but it is generally celebrated Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May.

What is being done on Mother’s Day?

Today this is especially the primary much attention to Mother’s Day. The children make drawings in school and give it to mom on Mother’s Day. Many children make breakfast in bed and extra sweet on this day for their mother. On Mother’s Day, there will many people who have already left home to visit their mother and take a present or popcorn. The spouses often do on this day something special for their loved one. They picked up a personalized mothers ring or necklace to show their deep love for mom.The shopkeepers hooks of course eagerly and you see more and more mothers items in stores. All kinds of products to have a go pamper mother.

Why mother celebrated?

When Anna Jarvis’s idea to celebrate Mother’s Day every year. Began She did this because she wanted to honor those who were already deceased. Her own mother She shared in her church in Grafton carnations from all the mothers of the church. She did this on the death of her own mother. Himself Anna Jarvis never had children and never married. The idea of ​​Anna hit, and a year later was also celebrated in Philadelphia Mothers Day. Along with many people Anna did everything that Mothers Day was also celebrated in other places in America. She has had success here, in many places in West Verginia is now celebrated as Mother’s Day in 1910. from 1914 Mother a national holiday in America. Around 1930 mother come over from America to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Mother’s Day in History

Over the years there have been many people who have honored the mothers. The ancient Greeks honored Rhea, the mother-goddess. In the churches Mary become the mother of Jesus remembered. In the 13th century in England Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday celebrated in Lent, time for Easter increasing. Servants often lived with their boss went on this day back to the parental home and the church there to visit their mothers and honor.