Mrs. Claus, Christmas elves, reindeer and Rudolf

Santa has just as Saint Nicholas few helpers. Christmas has Heavy helpers around, ‘Santa’ has elves, reindeer and of course ‘Mrs. Claus. Although Santa Claus from the tradition of Christmas, the helpers are later added to the stories. For the dark days of December, the history of Christmas elves, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Rudolph the reindeer with the red nose.

Reindeer and Christmas
santaThor, a powerful god in Germanic mythology. The god of thunder, with his chariot drawn by two goats, he rides through the sky. Thor had a rather frightening appearance but was very popular. This story would be the basis for the story of a flying Santa and the flying goats, the predecessors of the flying reindeer. In Scandinavian countries play goats or goats a role in the Christmas season. Previously they went dressed as goat knocking on doors to get candy. This’ Yule’bok was not nice but evaluated in a friendly kerstbok even bring gifts went around. The name ‘Joulupukki’ a kind Santa Claus in Finland reminds us that mythical goat.

Mrs. Claus
He is married! That’s quite remarkable because he did fine without it for years. In 1899 invents Katharine Lee Bates that heard a woman in Santa Claus and the book will have some pictures of mrs. Claus. Other authors hereinafter also begin on mrs. Tell Claus. In most of the stories she is a gray, seated lady who fills her days baking cookies, taking care of the reindeer and guide the elves.

Mrs. Claus is a bit special, many figures in the dark December days involved have a Christian or pagan origin, mrs. Claus has no predecessors. When at the end of the 19th appears she is completely a fantasy of an American writer. Its role is limited, she stays home and Santa Claus only goes into the air to deliver the presents.

Christmas Elves
The elves have a long history and have been around for Santa Claus, elves are thus older than Santa Claus. They originated in Scandinavia from the stories of the gnomes.

Gnomes were the protectors of your home, especially to December months they kept away the demons. Only … gnomes were not only nice, when they found that you were not friendly enough they were against the vicious, cruel tormentors. A single evil elf could provide even a terrible nightmare. Gnomes and elves you so loved the best, but to a friend. They are mainly active in Scandinavia during Joel or Midwinter Festival. When you’re in that time between the houses would walk by then stood at each door probably a small bowl of porridge for his elves love it.